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The [S]IT-bag for the Bayreuth Festspiele

Those who have visited the Bayreuth  Festspielhaus know that the nonup-holstered wood seating can make a Wagner Opera of up to 6 hours duration uncomfortable. This is why for years Wagner experts have brought a seat cushion to make the experience more enjoyable. The disadvantage, however, is that carrying a seat cushion under one's arm in festive evening wear does not look elegant.  The solution is the  specially  designed Festival Bag. A combination  of evening bag and seat cushion - the answer for every woman looking both to complement her festive dress and the convenience of carrying all her essentials. In addition to the seat cushion function, the Festival Bag contains a zippered fold-out pocket for storage of small  items. The bags are made ​​of raw silk. Choose the black version with fringe, or a simpler model in shades of red, purple and yellow. Additionally, we offer a men's bag equipped with a wrist strap.

Practical and chic, the Festival Bag is suitable for many other cultural  events  with hard seating, and ensures the savvy  visitor the most comfortable seat there.